ART APPEAL - Read a bit about and previous campaigns.
Combining the love of art with donating to charity is a win-win scenario. Previous campaigns raised money for the Child Refugee Fund.
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“Buy art for are good cause


donate money in the same time”

– Art Appeal is an online platform where art, donated by galleries and artists gets sold for a good cause.


Our past campaign raised money for Grenfell Families through the sales of art print:
‘Hugs for Grenfell’ by Ronzo.

The profits from the sales go to the Families of Grenfell Tower via local organisation ‘The Rugby Portobello Trust‘ thanks to ‘Love4Grenfell‘. This is the quickest and most effective way to reach those affected, while avoiding the long delays and administration costs of bigger charities.

PAST CAMPAIGN: Child Refugee Emergency Fund.

The previous campaign raised money for the Save The Children’s Child Refugee Emergency Fund.

Participating galleries (A-Z): Howard Griffin Gallery, Lazarides, StolenSpace Gallery.

View art from past campaigns